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neutrino telescope likelihood tools

Nulike is software for including full event-level information in likelihood calculations for neutrino telescope searches for dark matter annihilation.

Full details can be found in the papers:

  1. Scott, Savage, Edsjö & IceCube Collaboration 2012, JCAP 11:057, arXiv:1207.0810
  2. IceCube Collaboration 2016, JCAP 04:022, arXiv:1601.00653

If you use nulike for preparing a paper, please cite both of these. If you use the 79-string IceCube likelihoods, don't forget to also cite the original IC79 WIMP paper:

  1. IceCube Collaboration 2013, PRL 110:131302, arXiv:1212.4097

Nulike releases can be obtained as tarballs from Hepforge. The latest and greatest version, along with a full revision history, can always be found in the git repository. Compilation and usage instructions, as well as a number of example programs, can be found in the code release.

Author: Pat Scott (
Additional numerical routines contributed by Chris Savage (